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Are you looking for a romantic, affordable and stress-free Maui destination beach wedding package with a heartfelt ceremony and professional photography? I am a Maui wedding officiant offering personalized, intimate Maui weddings and vow renewals. Celebrate your love in Hawaii with a Maui wedding experience that is loving, customized, unique, memorable and meaningful to your relationship . . . presented with aloha.

Reverend Joseph married my husband and I on May 19, 2018 (in Kapalua, Maui), and words cannot describe how pleased we were with the ceremony he wrote and delivered. He was such an important part of our big day and we’re so grateful we found him! We first heard about Joseph through a referral, and fortunately were able to meet him and spend some quality time together before our wedding (as we live in Los Angeles and were planning a wedding from afar). Within the first 10 minutes of meeting Joseph, my husband and I intuitively knew he was the one i.e. the right minister for us. He casts a warm, welcoming and friendly vibe that makes you feel like he’s an old friend. Joseph also is intelligent and wise, and we appreciated the frank and profound things he had to say about marriage, as well as what he suggested we reflect on when writing our vows. We instantly clicked with his fun-loving sense of humor, too! Regarding the experience of creating our wedding ceremony – from start to finish, his professionalism, experience and insight, served as a great guide and support. After completing his wedding questionnaire (which was super helpful), he sent us the ceremony and we literally had no requests for revision or edits – it was perfect! The ceremony included everything we wanted and had the balance of the different sentiments we were looking for, to say the least. I also should mention we received so many compliments about Joseph from our wedding guests, so it was even more special to know they genuinely enjoyed the ceremony as well. Joseph is an amazing person, who my husband and I now call our dear friend – and as a minister, deserves more than a 5-star review! :)
–Chris and Erin 5/19/2018

Joseph was amiable, professional and knowledgeable in Hawaiian traditions. We were grateful that he took the time to meet with us before our wedding to chat and get to know us as a couple and how we envisioned our ceremony. We have no hesitation in recommending Distinctive Weddings for your special occasion.
–Paul and Rachael 1/25/2018

My husband and I tied the knot in Maui on February 20, 2018 and were married by Reverend Joseph Narrowe.  We couldn't be happier with Joseph's services to us for our special day. He was so kind and genuine, and completely put us at ease before and during the ceremony. He helped us navigate the steps to getting married oversees without a wedding planner, which was a major bonus for us. The best part of having Joseph perform our wedding was how he helped us to create the perfect ceremony that suited exactly our personalities and what we envisioned. We wanted a spiritual, non-religious ceremony and he really captured that for us and was able to make it very personal  and intimate. We would highly recommend Joseph to anyone looking to get married in Maui in a heart beat. Thank you Joseph for the wonderful memories we will always cherish of our perfect day! 
–Emma & David

My wife and I couldn't be happier that we chose Reverend Joseph Narrowe to officiate our Maui wedding.  We were both fairly particular about the ceremony we had in mind and spoke with more than one officiant before deciding on Rev. Narrowe.  We wanted a spiritual but not religious ceremony and Joseph knew exactly how to handle that. He put us at ease on our first call and made a point of crafting the language of the ceremony with our thoughts and ideas in mind. In fact, he incorporated our own vows to each other into his speech when we decided not to recite them ourselves during the ceremony — he worked with us on each detail so that our day would play out as we had envisioned it. 
   And because we had not met Joseph before we traveled to Maui for the wedding it meant a lot to us that he insisted on meeting with us before our wedding day for coffee. This gave my wife and I a chance to discuss the ceremony with him face to face, and talk to him for a while about our own story that began with a blind date in Chicago.
   Thank you Joseph for making our day so special and memorable, we would recommend him to any bride and groom coming to Maui for their wedding day.
  — Alina and Jason, March, 2016

My wife and I had a wonderful experience getting married in Maui with Joseph Narrowe as our officiant. Our schedule in Maui was tight (Fri. pm ~ Wed. am), and we wanted a sunset wedding on Sunday with just two of us. Joseph helped us make it happen under almost perfect condition! Our experience started with a phone call with Joseph roughly a month before we were to arrive in Maui. At the time, we were quite concerned about running into bad weather, and we weren’t ready to make a decision on where to have the wedding ceremony. Joseph helped us narrow our beach choices to three, and he further made us comfortable by agreeing to pull the permit after we check out those beaches the day before the wedding. Such flexibility really reduced our stress level during this process. Beyond his flexibility, Joseph really tried to make the experience personal to us. He emphasized at the very beginning of our first phone conversation how special it is to get invited to be the officiant of our wedding. He also tried to learn about us and our relationship through a well-designed questionnaire. It was truly special to hear Joseph mention some of those unique aspects of our relationship at our wedding. We would highly recommend Joseph Narrowe as a wedding officiant on Maui!
  — Wanjing and Tianyu, January, 2017

Joseph was such a fun officiant! Before I met him, he was just a name on a page. As we worked with him, he became much more.
   I really appreciated the time and care he took to make our experience personal and unique. He made sure to call us several weeks prior to the wedding so he could prepare our ceremony and vows, and then met us for coffee once we arrived in Maui. He is very easy to talk to and both of us were immediately comfortable with him. The vows and service he wrote were quite meaningful to us and I appreciate the care and effort the Reverend showed us.
   He was very flexible with the type of service, once again really tailoring it to us and our wants and needs. Because we'd never been to Maui, he even helped us pick the perfect beach.  I loved our wedding!  We are very happy with the service Reverend Joseph created for us and I would absolutely recommend him to any of my friends and family.
 — Kim and Bryan, February, 2016  

We absolutely cherish our 25th wedding anniversary renewal of vows ceremony time in Lahina Shores performed by Joseph Narrowe. He was so patient, (especially when my daughter was no where to be found at the start time of our ceremony!) and kind and loving to my entire family. He spoke with such sincerity about our 25 years together and added so many nice touches along the way on our behalf. I would highly recommend him for a wedding ceremony of any kind. 
 — Karen & Todd Gray from Troy Michigan, June, 2016

In May of 2016 Joseph performed the perfect marriage ceremony for Cliff and myself.  We wanted something special  and unique for us but not big, and he gave us the most wonderful experience.  He suggested the beach, time, and other things relevant to our special ceremony. it was beautiful, and as we have been together for 31 yrs I already had a beautiful ring so we exchanged lei instead, it was perfect.  The we decided to ask if he knew anyone who might blow the Conch shell for us in the Hawaiian tradition and he said he would, and he did. Now the ceremony that he wrote had us both in tears because it was so perfect. When you speak with him you just know he will handle everything and it will be perfect.
    Now we aren't picture people but of course we wanted some so Joseph asked  his wife if she would take them, with my iPad and iPhone. I knew from talking to Joseph that she is an artist but I think she may also be a photographer at heart. She got some of the best picture of my sweetheart — and that man can hide from a camera — that I have ever had of him. It was just the two of us so we invited Patt and Joseph to dine with us afterward and had a perfect evening. Little did we know their anniversary was a couple days later.
   You will not go wrong if you put your wedding in Joseph's hands.  
  — Cliff and Gail, May, 2016

Joe was easy to talk to and walked us through the process of having our ceremony on Maui. He was able to create a beautiful wedding ceremony at a distance via several emails and everything came off without problems. He is a very warm and personable guy and I would highly recommend him
   — David and Julie, August, 2015

A Successful Surprise Wedding Renewal
Words can not express how happy I was with last night. It was amazing. Thanks to both Joseph and photographer Scott Hughes for helping me hatch this plan. 
  Joseph did an absolutely fantastic job on our vow renewal and my wife was truly surprised. He helped with the logistics and details, something that was not easy being 7,000 miles away. He was professional, responsive and easy to work with. He made our special day so perfect, and I really enjoyed his guidance and feedback on the perfect vow renewal ceremony! 
  —Karyn and Howard, August, 2015

We recommend Joseph Narrowe as your marriage officiant.
   We are extremely happy to have been married by Joseph Narrowe.  We chose Maui as our destination wedding location and found Joseph using the internet.  We wanted to personalize our marriage service and his website sounded friendly and caring.  Joseph responded with ideas and a process to plan the service, prior to our arrival in Maui. He provided a well thought out questionnaire, which we carefully filled out. He created personalized wedding vows, which we reviewed and further tailored. When we got to Maui we met to make sure everything was all set, and it was. Joseph was professional and could not have been more accommodating.  The wedding was on a sunset cruise on a Trilogy catamaran. The ceremony was just beautiful!
   Thank you Joseph.
   Abbe and Ron Meyer, September, 2015

My wife and I utilized the services of Joseph Narrowe for our vow renewl in October, 2016 for our 20th anniversary during our stay on Maui. During the planning stages earlier in the year, Joseph provided guidance and always promptly answered our questions. 
  To our surprise, Joseph also officiated over our vow renewal for our 10th anniversary in 2006! My wife though she recognized him when we met, but it was not until we arrived back home in Michigan and she dug up old photos was it confirmed!
   Joseph is an excellent choice for vow renewal on Maui. We intend to use his services in 2026 for our 30th!
  — Ester and Frank, October, 2016

An Officiant To Remember
   Joseph is fantastic! My husband and I were married on Maui in August 2014. I found Joseph through online reviews because we were planning our wedding from the mainland. We are extremely thankful to those who provided feedback about him and his services! True to previous comments, Joseph made our wedding ceremony so personal and special. I am an extremely particular person, and he is exactly what we were looking for – someone warm, professional, and who made us feel so at ease during the process. Our guests thought Joseph was hilarious, but also so sincere with his words. The script he wrote for us was very personal and sounded just like "us." He is also very flexible and is such a kind hearted man in general. It is hard to find someone who you can trust, especially with all the money and effort that goes into the various things for a wedding. He was a perfect component to our wedding day and helped to make it very memorable!! We would highly recommend him!
    — Robyn and Charles, August, 2014

Joseph did a great job officiating our wedding and made the whole process seamless. We spoke multiple times on the phone prior to arriving in Hawaii for the wedding. He met with us a few days before and we appreciated how much he loves officiating weddings. He personalized our ceremony and we will never forget it!
    — Private, June, 2015

An Intimate Backyard Maui Wedding with a Perfect Officiant
    My husband David and I couldn't have been happier with the entire process of our wedding, and our choice for an officiant is one that truly made it genuine, full of love and down to earth. Joe asked the three of us have a phone conversation on the phone months in advance of the wedding. We spoke at length about the kind of couple we are and where we hope to go. I was very impressed with how many great questions he posed, and from then on I knew our ceremony would be very personal and uniquely ours. We had lunch with Joe before the wedding and it felt like we had all been friends for years – almost like family. He sent us a "script" of the ceremony in advance of the wedding and allowed us to make any changes or amendments. We had little or very few changes, as he couldn't have said any of it better – even threw in some of his great sense of humor to lighten everything up. Overall, we feel that Joe was a perfect fit for us. Because of him, the memories of our wedding are so much brighter and more emotionally connected. I would highly recommend him! 
    – Robin and David, June, 2014

My husband and I decided last year to get married on Maui. It was the best choice to ask Joseph Narrowe to be our officiant!! It was really important for him to get to know us, even though we were on the other side of the world, in Europe. He really cared to make that day special and very personal. He also supported us, with other things we had to organise and had to think about. His recommendations which beaches are the best to get married on were excellent! During the ceremony he created a very loving, special, but still relaxed atmosphere. We had a great time with him, lots of fun, and the most perfect beach wedding we could have thought of. We can highly recommend Joseph as an officiant! If you plan to marry on Maui, do not hesitate and give him a call. :-)
    – Anna and Nicholas from Austria, November, 2013

The Best Officiant on Maui    
    We got incredibly lucky when we found Joseph to officiate our wedding. After speaking with him on the phone and trading a few emails, he wrote a beautiful ceremony that was so specific to us. We met up with him for a cup of coffee after arriving on the island, and instantly knew that he would do a great job with our wedding. A couple days later (a day later than originally planned thanks to a crazy rainstorm – we were so glad that we were able to postpone a day and wait for better weather), we met Joseph at the grassy knoll by the ocean that he’d found for us, and he married us. The ceremony went off without a hitch, and we were both very moved by the lovely poems that Joseph had incorporated into it. 
    — Erica and Robert, November, 2013

You don't have to have any fears about planning your wedding with Joseph. We planned our wedding from Australia and did not meet Joseph until the day before the actual ceremony but because of his patient, thoughtful and professional manner, we weren’t worried a bit. In particular, Joseph handled the delicacies of an interfaith wedding very well. With Joseph, you never have to worry that your officiant will only represent one religion or faith. He is capable of very genuine commentary that highlights aspects of each faith and weaves it all together into a very natural and organic-feeling ceremony. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into each individual ceremony he does. On the whole, Joseph is truly a first class guy. He took the time to talk with us and get to know us over email and telephone and that really showed in the ceremony he put together. He was, of course, punctual and extremely professional throughout the entire process, and even provided a few recommendations for sightseeing on our honeymoon. What more can you ask for? I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph to someone else for their wedding – or simply to renew their vows... ;)
    – Private, November, 2014

Joseph did a wonderful job with our Maui wedding ceremony. Throughout the process he was helpful, patient, thoughtful, and open minded. He met with us and communicated with us over telephone and email numerous times leading up to our wedding in order to determine exactly what we wanted. We were looking for a Jewish ceremony, but with some modifications to not be overly religious. He produced a ceremony that was exactly what we wanted and did a wonderful job delivering it. His fee is very fair and much cheaper than all other Rabbi's I spoke to in Maui. Thank you so much Joseph!
    – Daniel and Alexandra, January, 2015

My wife and I decided to take advantage of a golden opportunity and move forward with our lives together. Ultimately, we chose to elope on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and what a great decision! This was in no small part due to the personal attention and detail provided to us by Rev. Joe Narrowe. We contacted him six weeks prior to our desired elopement date and asked him to preside over our ceremony. He responded promptly, gave us a little homework so that he could learn more about us, and met with us to ensure we had the day of our lives. He helped us coordinate a few administrative details so that the only thing we had to worry about on wedding day was showing up!
    After numerous suggestions and coordination with our photographer, we chose Mokapu Beach (adjacent to the new Andaz Hotel in Wailea).
    As he wrote and read our vows, Joe was able to personalize our ceremony by capturing the essence of our personalities and the relationship my wife and I had together during our courtship. He was also able to capture our vision for our futures together. In the end, the wedding day came and Joe presented us with the perfect vows on the perfect beach. We can’t extend enough thanks to Joe for his time and effort. We are pleased to have had him be part of our memories and honored to call him our friend.
    Give him a call or drop him an email. The day was unforgettable!
    — Jay and Jenny, January, 2014

Our experience with Joseph was fantastic.  We wanted a very intimate beach wedding on Maui that would incorporate our Jewish heritage and Joseph was our guy. We had talked a few times with him before our trip and then we met with him over coffee when we arrived. He took a strong interest in getting to know us and we enjoyed getting to know him as well. We were staying in Wailea and Joseph made all the arrangements so that we could have our beach wedding experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. Warm, thoughtful, and present he was able to provide us with the spiritual wedding moment we were looking for. It was a beautiful experience and we were happy to share our special time with him. He’s the best.
    —Dan and Steph,  September 2014

    My wife Kimberly and I would like to extend greetings and well wishes to all engaged couples looking for an officiant to help them with their special day. Kimberly and I were married on December 15, 2013 in the town of Kihei, on the beautiful island of Maui. When we began planning our wedding we found ourselves faced with a very unique challenge. My wife is Jewish and I am in the process of converting to Judaism. Due to this our Rabbi was unable by Jewish Law to perform the ceremony. It was very important to us that our wedding paid homage to both our island home and Jewish heritage. After some research we found Joe and learned that he was very experienced and highly thought of by those he had married. Joe’s background allows him to perform a variety of different types of wedding ceremonies. We are sure there are other officiants that do the same, however what made Joe the perfect fit for us is his belief system. His personal faith crosses many differing spiritual paths and so when he performs the ceremony whether it is based on Judaism, native Hawaiian culture, or any other belief system there is courage in his conviction, a spiritual connection in what he is saying and doing. Because of this Joe doesn’t just go through the motions. 
    His approach was unique and genuine. He met with us to discuss our vision for the wedding, asked many questions, and offered suggestions. We answered his questionnaires individually, which gave him personal insight into not only our shared vision, but our personal hopes and dreams as well. After thoroughly communicating our desires to Joe, he took some time and wrote a beautiful ceremony that incorporated our vision as well as his interpretation of who we were and what we wanted in our wedding and life. 
    Our wedding, according to our customs, took place on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in December. We were wed outdoors, beneath the “chuppah” before our G-d, our ohana, and a host of friends. The ceremony was lovely from start to finish. It incorporated many Jewish customs and native Hawaiian traditions. It was everything we had dreamed of and more.
Kimberly and I highly recommend that you consider Joe to help bring your wedding day to life. He is a very special person and we can tell you from experience, that on your day of days, Joe is the right guy to be in your corner. May you all be blessed in life and in marriage with our kind of happiness.
    Many thanks again to our great friend Joe for all that you did and all that you do.
    – Scott and Kimberly, December, 2013

My husband and I were very nervous as we were trying to plan a wedding on short notice from 2700 miles away. I made a few calls to other officiants per recommended by other vendors and none of them we had a connection with – they were all about money and selling us a "package".  When I saw Joseph Narrowe's site I knew that he was different. From the moment I first talked to him, I knew that he was going to be our officiant. He was in the middle of his lunch and put it on hold so he could talk to me and get to know more about me and my husband! Joseph gave us an experience and really cared about making our day special. Joseph wrote his speech customized to us and included the story of how my husband and I first met, he truly made the whole experience special and memorable for my husband and I. I highly recommend you give Joseph Narrowe a call, he is an amazing officiant and person who truly cares for his customers, which I feel is harder to find these days. If you're getting married on Maui, please check him out, I promise you won't be disappointed.
    — Steph and Zack, April, 2013

We couldn't recommend a better officiant than Joseph Narrowe. Joseph was kind, caring, and thoughtful, and of all the officiants we spoke to before the wedding, he was the only one who made a point of getting to know us first – even though he lives in Hawaii and we live on the east coast. He made an effort to understand who we are, individually and as a couple, and he created a ceremony for us that was deeply personal, unique, and meaningful. 
    I am Jewish but my husband and his family are not, and it was important for me to have a Jewish wedding without alienating my husband or his family. Joseph helped me do that. Not only did he personally understand our situation, he created a wedding in which everyone felt involved, and everyone – even those not familiar with the Jewish tradition – understood the meaning and beauty behind the various traditions we mixed into the ceremony. 
    It was important to us to have a ceremony that reflected who we are as a couple and the way in which we plan to live our life together and build our family in the future. Because he took the time to get know us over several phone calls and emails, Joseph was able to write a ceremony that perfectly reflected our values and our life together. I can't thank Joseph enough for the beautiful and meaningful wedding he helped create for us.
    — Ruth and Chris, October, 2013

jemena and circle.jpg

From the first phone call we had with Joseph, we knew that he was invested in making our ceremony special and uniquely ours. There are so many wedding officiants on Maui and choosing one can feel a bit impersonal at times. For many of us who choose a Maui destination wedding, bringing our own officiant who knows the couple and understands personally the meaning of the couple’s relationship is not always feasible. Joseph genuinely cared about getting to know us prior to the ceremony. He was very intentional about knowing us in order to personalize the ceremony. He requested “relationship bios” from both of us to better understand our history as a couple and to be able to see the beauty in our relationship in order to craft a wedding ceremony that was powerful and truly for us.
    Joseph creates spiritual, unique weddings designed specially for the couple, and he adds his own beautifully written poetry or specific readings for the couple. It is undoubtedly apparent that Joseph put a lot of thought and care into the ceremony he created for us, and we couldn’t thank him enough for helping to make our special day so meaningful. If you are not looking for a cookie-cutter wedding ceremony, but would like a wedding ceremony that is truly made for you from the heart, then Joseph is the officiant you want! We truly believe we not only chose a great officiant, but found a new friend of the family!
      —Jimena and Mark, September, 2011

 Photos by Sean Hower

 Photos by Sean Hower

Distinctive is the perfect description for Joseph and never using the same ceremony vows twice has served him well. We will always remember our wedding day, and we are grateful that Joseph shared our special day with us. We highly recommend him!
    —Ashley and Alvin, December, 2012

Joseph's ceremony was beautiful.  He had put so much thought into the words he said and had really incorporated his understanding of us garnered from our meeting.  We were very happy with the ceremony and a number of our friends commented that it was the most thoughtful and best ceremony they had ever been to. We really enjoyed having him as the officiant for our wedding. He was really easy to work with and we appreciated that he had similar views to ours and adapted the ceremony accordingly. Joseph seemed to really understand marriage in general, and us as a couple.  We're really happy we chose Joseph.  His ceremony is definitely something we always want to remember as part of our wedding day.
    —Eric and Natalia, January, 2013

Natalie Brown Photograhy

Natalie Brown Photograhy

Joseph provided an amazingly, personal, profound and fun ceremony! It was more than what I had asked for. He has a depth and light heartedness that shows in the service. My husband and I rewatch the video and it means more every time. I tell people my ceremony was magical!
    Joseph gets to the heart of the matter and I would highly recommend his service to everyone:)
    —Jessica and Maka, June, 2012

Thank you, Joseph, for creating an inspiring and beautiful ceremony for our wedding on Maui. You took a short note I had sent you and transformed it into a caring, warm and personal celebration. Even though we had never met it was as though you knew us for many years. We will always remember your sensitivity and great spirit. Thanks again for creating memories that we will cherish throughout our lives.
    —Mort & Vicki, June, 2010

Oor and Orit.jpg

We were seeking a destination wedding in Maui, no family, just us. So we searched and searched for the right person of officiate our wedding. We then we stumbled upon Joseph. I could tell by his website that he was probably going to be the perfect fit for what we wanted. 
So we called. Both my wife and I commented on how he felt super good energy after our first contact . . . our search was over. 
    He really had a passion for this work, he didn't just show up on our wedding day and just read a few words. It was a months long process of him getting to know us and what we wanted. He had us do an exercise individually and talk to him about why we chose each other and he was going to use snippets in our ceremony. 
    Flying to Maui to get married was not only exciting, but we couldn't wait to meet our friend we have been in contact with for months. 
    The ceremony was sensational. He put together an event that made my wife cry with joy. He wrote us a four page ceremony that was exactly what we were seeking. Without Joseph we could have still got married but with Joseph we had one the most passionate, heartfelt, and love-filled weddings. 
    He still keeps in contact with us, we also gained a real cool friend.
    – Jeremy and Sandra, May, 2010

Deb and I have had a few days to reflect on the wonderful ceremony you performed for us last Tuesday. Wow. It truly was amazing. We have both had a chance to pull out the service and read the beautiful words you wrote. Unbelievable. We think you really captured the spirit of the moment and the spirit of our love for each other. My mother Ruth read the service and hasn't stopped crying since. I don't know how she will actually handle the video when we get it. Again, thanks so much for really making that day special. 
    —Steve and Debbie, July, 2010

We just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" again for all your kindness and generosity on behalf of Ken and myself. We will carry such beautiful and heartfelt memories for the rest of our life, and you are a huge part of that!
    When we arrived and got settled in we contacted you. You quickly responded and made extra effort to meet with us. We also wanted to thank you for taking extra time out of your couple days to show us around many different beach locations for the wedding site.
    The ceremony was so wonderful. I can't wait to get the pictures back and send some to you. Ken and I deeply appreciate everything you put into our wedding day, and we will cherish that always.
    —Ken and Tina, October, 2010

We so enjoyed our vow renewal ceremony and thought everything you did and said was perfect. It was comfortable and easy, as well as very meaningful, and it touched our hearts deeply. Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, your words, and a beautiful ceremony. We will treasure these memories for a lifetime.
    —Jan and Mike, October, 2009

We absolutely loved the ceremony you created for us. You really took the time to know us prior to the ceremony. Our vows, your comments and all the readings you chose reflected what was truly in our hearts and captured who we really are. Giving us a copy of the ceremony was such a thoughtful thing to do. Of course we will keep it forever. 
        —Frank and Nicole 

Renate DSC_0044.jpg

Thank you for the wedding ceremony  you wrote for us. And, yes, you made a difference in our life. We are thankful for the ceremony you wrote and gave for our wedding day. It is a very memorable ceremony and also gives us food for thought to remind us of the blessings we have received.  
    Renate and I thank you again for your input and blessings that made our marriage ceremony so special. I repeat your comment which is so true: "Though we may not see each other, or correspond regularly, or at all, your presence in my life has touched me."
    —Theo and Renate

We were so lucky to find Joseph Narrowe through our wedding coordinator. Joseph talked to us months before the wedding. We discussed at length the religious differences between my husband and myself. In the planning of our wedding Joseph was the first person I felt truly understood how important our different religions were to both of us. He put together the perfect ceremony which was meaningful to us both, and emailed it to us so we could change add any part we wanted. 
     On the day of our wedding we felt like Joseph was an old friend, and one who truly understood our values. I didn't think I could be so relaxed during the ceremony, but Joseph set us at ease. He reminded us what was really important about the day and reassured us he would take care of any details such as who spoke when and stood where. I forgot about our families who were there watching. I only remember my husband's loving eyes and the feeling in my heart as we became husband and wife during the most beautiful wedding ceremony I could have imagined. 
     We will forever be grateful to Joseph Narrowe for understanding how very different religions are fundamentally so similar, for being patient as he helped us plan our ceremony, and for giving us such perfect memories. 
        —Debbie and Rich  

Dave and TrAcy pn.jpg

We couldn't have been more pleased with our ceremony. Joseph, you responded to our every wish and helped us make the ceremony personal, fun and most of all, memorable. Our guests delighted in getting to know you, and we were happy they found you to be as charming and responsive to their conversations as you were with us. We will always think of you fondly when we recall the most important day of our lives as a couple. 
       —Dave and Tracey

Dave and I want to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you prepared for Megan and Aaron. It was so warm and special and all that we had hoped for. We could tell that you cared. 
        —Sally and Dave (bride's parents) 

Where do I begin to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you made for us, Joseph. I treasure the words you wrote for the ceremony. . . . Earl and I sincerely thank you for making our dream of 25 years come true. Oh yes, Joseph if you're not busy in another 25 years, you're hired for our 50th. 
       —Sallie and Earl

I just wanted to send you a quick "thank you" again for all your kindness and generosity on behalf of Carlos and myself!! I will carry such beautiful and heartfelt memories with me for the rest of my life, and you are a huge part of that! The ceremony was so wonderful. I can't wait to get the pictures back and send some to you! Your touching words of wisdom have not fallen on deaf ears. Carlos and I deeply appreciate everything you put into our wedding day, and we will cherish that always. 
        —Michele and Carlos 

Thank you so much for the most beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever been to--our own. Not only was the script beautiful, but you are too!! You had a special way of making Mark and I feel completely at ease. You have the greatest sense of humor. 
    We now have our video back and our families have had the opportunity to watch it and I am sincere when I tell you they all thought you were wonderful!! 
        —Jane and Mark 

Daryn and I wanted to say thank you for a perfect ceremony! The words you wrote for our service were beautiful and expressed and captured how we both feel. Our families and guests were also impressed with the ceremony and stated all weddings should be like ours! Of course no other wedding will ever compare to this one in our hearts and mind because its ours forever and you helped make it possible! Thank you again! 
       —Barbara and Daryn 

We met Joseph the day before he married my wife and I, and we wound up feeling as though we knew him for years. We still e-mail him, and can't wait to get back to Maui and have him marry us again. Its been 7 years and counting!  Love you Joseph!
    — Mark

Joseph married my wife and me nearly 5 years ago.  We met with him and another officiant on a prior trip to Maui and it was an easy choice to go with Joseph.  He created a beautiful ceremony and we felt very relaxed with him.  Many of our friends even commented that it was the best ceremony they had attended.
    We continue to stay in touch with Joseph via email and see him every time we visit Maui.  He has meet our daughter and will certainly meet our second daughter (on the way).
    – Zoltan